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Seth and Serina Go On Tour
Seth and Serina Go On Tour
I met you in the suicide ward.
In a group therapy session they claimed would make us feel less alone, you sat across from me with your dark tussled hair and sunken eyes. You were wearing a stained denim jacket with patched elbows and torn sleeves. The group leader told each of us to go in a circle and exchange compliments with someone else to get the ball rolling. When the circle got to me, I told you your jacket made you look homeless and you told me my haircut made me look like an ugly dyke. We were both asked to leave. When we parted at the door, I told you to go fuck yourself and you told me to go to Hell.  
I didn’t feel alone anymore.
In the night, I could hear you play guitar through the paper-thin hospital walls. And even though I had thick bandages around my wrists, and my fingers were cold and sore, I picked up my ukulele and harmonized to your melody.  We played on and on into the night, together and apart, until the nurses asked us
:icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 41 52
Without Mythologies
Without Mythologies
If I could, I would make you a raging river,
With angry rapids supplied with rain
So you could always meander, and forever be able to run away
Without contending with myths wrongly interpreted - with pain.
- John K. Samson
We’re watching the sun drown in a lake,
your eyes are far away and you say you wish
you were the wind.
You stretch out your arms like tired old wings,
and say you hope one day the sky
will just swallow you up. In that last sliver
of light, I tell you that you have it all wrong.
You could never be something so invisible as wind,
(It’s cool breathe makes us shiver,)
If I could, I would make you a raging river.
I’d turn your fingertips to salty spray,
your bones to smooth
round stones.
Your lips would kiss the ocean each day,
your gut would fill with fish and frogs.
Your fidgeting toes never forced still again.
I’d turn your heart into a waterfall,
And last of all I’d make
those rushing waters from your brain,
With angry
:icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 19 10
I Don't Need You
I Don’t Need You
I have to admit that I don’t need you.
I’m not going to tell you I’d die without you,
That you’re like water, or shelter or food.
I’m sure I could get on fine without you.
Got on fine before.
The truth is I don’t need you.
And I hope I never do.
I don’t need you like lungs needs oxygen,
and I’m not addicted to you; you’re not a drug.
I wouldn’t bleed out if you were ripped away,
You’re not some essential organ.
You’re not here to maintain me, sustain me, or keep me alive.
But the truth is I want you.
And I hope I always do.
I want you the way astronauts want the stars,
And sailors long for the sea.
Because wanting is choosing,
and needing is greedy,
And believe me when I tell you I want you
With all of my heart.
The truth is I want everything about you,
I want every little thing.
I want to ruffle the curly hair you sometimes hate,
And kiss the nose you say looks too big in photographs.
I want
:icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 130 15
Night Windows by tribble-of-doom
Mature content
Night Windows :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 58 12
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Your Loli/Shota side:
[x] You tilt your head when you're confused.
[x] You love sweets and cute things.
[/] You are often confused and lost in conversations with your friends.
[ ] You blush simply thinking of sexual things.
[/] People often call you cute.
[x] You care a lot about your friends.
[x] You embarrass yourself a lot with silly question or statements.
[/] You like bright, soft colors.
[/] You enjoy listening to cute, sweet, gentle songs.
[x] You add things to the end of your friend's names.
[ ] People often say "aww" when you've done something clumsy/silly.
[x] You like anime/movies about romance, love and friendship.
Total: 8

Your Tsundere side:
[/] You come off as tough and confident on the outside, when you are actually soft and emotional on the inside.
[x] You often hide your true feelings for someone.
[x] You are caring but deny it when someone tells it to you.
[x] You are protective.
[ ] When someone bugs you, you tell them right away strongly, but are still on the inside worried that you've hurt them.
[x] You are easily embarrassed.
[x] Compliments make you feel awkward and you always deny them.
[ ] You tease and bully the one you love to hide your feelings.
[/] You can be violent at times.
[ ] You may hurt people a lot, but regret it right away.
[ ] When people say Thank You, you often reply by saying it was for yourself
[x] You never cry in front of others.
Total: 7

Your Yandere side:
[x] You are often loving, caring, sweet - until someone upsets you badly.
[/] When angry, you're normally hide it until the time for revenge is right.
[x] You can at times, be obsessive.
[ ] People have said you are "two-faced".
[ ] People tell you you're nice, but can be creepy at times.
[/] You scare the crap out of your friends when you get upset.
[x] People find it weird to see you anything other than gentle and smiling.
[x] When you're upset, sometimes you still smile, even when saying something harsh.
[ ] You can get very violent.
[x] You love to help people
[/] You like slow, sweet, but twisted songs.
[x] You like colors like dark blue or light red.
Total: 7.5

Your Kuudere side:
[/] You don't show your emotions to others.
[/] You hide your true feelings.
[x] When you become close to someone, you slowly open up.
[x] Although you don't show it, you are easily made happy.
[x] You care for others a lot, still you don't show it.
[x] People think you are mysterious.
[x] You can be shy.
[ ]You aren't very loud, rather silent.
[ ] You know who to trust and who not to.
[x] You choose your friends wisely.
[/] You like simple colors, like light purple or white.
[x] You are rather mature.
Total: 8.5

Your Dandere side:
[/] You are a shy person.
[/] You are quiet and don't speak up for yourself.
[x] You look down instead of straight forwards when walking.
[ ] You sometimes go to extreme levels just to get out of public speaking.
[ ] You have stage fright.
[x] You are stoic and not very open.
[ ] You hide yourself with your hair at times.
[ ] Your face starts boiling when speaking with others.
[ ] You speak very quietly in case you say something silly or you sound weird.
[ ] You are afraid of meeting new people.
[ ] You are a hard worker.
[x] You do not have as many friendships as others, but those you do have, you cherish very much.
Total: 4
  • Listening to: Adventure Time songs x.x
  • Reading: Lord of the Flies


Just trying to get back on my feet.
United States
Well, hello there! My name is Chloe, but you can call me Raiyna or Suffaloo or Fich.
Whatever tickles your fancy.
If you didn't already know that, then I probably don't know you! That's alright, if you want me to know you then just comment on my page or one of my pieces or send me a note, I'd love to talk to you!
I've had an account here on DeviantArt for three years, oh how time flies, and I like to believe I've improved a lot from my first submission. I'm a little hesitant to return, as I've been on and off the website for about a year now, but I've changed a lot personally, and I'd like to see how everyone else has, as well!
I take selective requests; if it inspires me and I can remember to do it, I'll draw your request, and a lot of things inspire me really, since my thoughts tend to get stuck in a loop, anything new is something interesting to me.
A few trivial things you should know about me:
-I am a Homestuck.
-I was once part of the Warriors fandom (makes perfect sense, eh?)
-I still participate in the Warriors fanbase, but it's not my main hobby as much as it once was.
-I enjoy writing short stories, typically as vents, but occasionally out of inspiration and the simple want to tell a story.
-I am a Scorpio, but I'm too awkward to be sexy. Sorry.
-I am queer.
-Maybe that's the whole reason I'm awkward.
-Did I mention I have a girlfriend?
-She's really awesome.
-Just saying.
-I'm usually the kind of person who sticks to drawing animals, common ones at that, but lately I've gotten more and more into drawing people. Anatomy is hard, but at the same time it's an entertaining challenge.
-Male anatomy is a lot harder to draw than female anatomy.
-Both of them look like crap when I draw them no matter what gender.
-Tricksters? Oh my.
Dave? Mmmmm.
Striders??? Yes.
-And on that note I ship DaveJohn.
-DaveJohn is my OTP.
-I go down with this ship.
-Pepsicola is my favorite drink mix.
-Dragons are the shit okay.

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